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Unlock Success with Expert Consulting and Coaching, Environmental Sustainability Solutions, and Tailored Small Business Support.
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Strategic Guidance in HR, Compliance Services, and Environmental & ESG Consulting – Transformative Solutions for Every Business Challenge.
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From Leadership Development to Environmental Sustainability, Discover Personalized Solutions Tailored to Your Business's Growth and Success.

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Innovate, Elevate and Transform your business with our personalized solutions

Specializing in B-BBEE and transformation, we guide organizations through equitable economic empowerment. Our human resource services optimize workforce efficiency, fostering a positive culture.

For small businesses, our incubation and consulting nurture growth and strategic development. Additionally, our ESG sustainability consulting ensures ethical practices, aligning businesses with responsible and resilient strategies. With Trans4mation, embrace transformative solutions for holistic success in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our Services

B-BBEE & Transformation

Fostering inclusivity and driving equitable economic empowerment

Incubation & Small business Consulting

Providing mentorship and strategic guidance for sustainable growth.

Human Resource

Optimizing efficiency and cultivating a positive organizational culture

ESG Sustainability Consulting

Navigating responsible business practices, , ensuring ethical strategies for long-term resilience.

About Us

Welcome to Trans4mation Consulting

Established in 2017 Trans4mation Consulting Business (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Black Women Owned  dynamic ever evolving Business Services organization. The owner and founder Gcina Mahlaba has more than 15 years of experience in the transformation, Human Resource, Business Development and B-BBEE arena.

We provide a range of services specializing is helping organizations achieve transformative change by implementing solutions that are Ethical, meaningful and sustainable.

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A word from our Founder

Creating Strategic opportunities & Growth

Straight from the source

What Our Customers have to say

I have come to know Mrs Mahlaba as knowledgeable and experienced and from the first meeting when she was asked to draft a proposal to our CEO with regards to the implementation of a strategy she showed initiative and within a few months from meeting with her, we could already implement certain proposals to the extent that we could progress from Non-Compliant Company to a Level 8 BEE Certificate by August 2019.

With Gcina’s assistance and guidance and by following advice offered during strategic meetings, the hospital has since progressed and is currently a Level 6 Contributor. Her reports and findings are factual, and the that that she will always suggest strategies that are within the Company’s limits is invaluable. Her ideas would never be unrealistic, and she will focus on the real need and look for simplistic ways to address the shortcomings.

Her contribution over the past three years made an enormous difference and without her insight and the intimate knowledge she has of BEE legislation it is doubtful if the Hospital would have been able to reach the same level of compliance.

Colin Page

ARWYP Medical Centre


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Trans4mation Consulting distinguishes itself through a Black Women Owned leadership, over 15 years of expertise, and a commitment to ethical, sustainable, and tailored solutions that drive transformative change for businesses.

We provide small businesses with dedicated mentorship, growth strategies, and tailored consulting services to nurture their development, ensuring they navigate challenges and achieve sustainable success.

Our focus is on guiding organizations through Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) with the aim of fostering inclusivity, equity, and transformation within the business landscape.

We enable businesses to align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards by providing consulting services that promote ethical practices, responsible business conduct, and long-term societal impact.

Our human resource services are designed to optimize workforce efficiency, streamline processes, and cultivate positive organizational cultures. We offer personalized solutions to meet the unique HR needs of each client, fostering a conducive and productive work environment.

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